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SAKURA ISM -another story-

It’s been 5 years since I started taking photos of cherry blossoms, and before I knew it, I have got caught by their attractiveness. Almost all species have evolved in various ways of surviving. Cherry blossoms, however, have chosen completely different way from others. They have attracted people and have revolutionary built up their own system to grow.
Since around the year of 800, the cherry blossoms have slowly penetrated into Japanese people’s mind. In the late 1800s, at the time of Meiji restoration, finally the cherry blossoms started the historical action. They created a new variety of cherry tree, called Somei-yoshino or Yoshino cherry with the help of people. Somei-yoshino grow faster than the original species and have a lot of flowers. They made progress to the ideal form as cherry trees. But as it is a self-incompatible, it can’t leave the same species. So, they used people’s help again, they succeeded in making their own clone and propagating all over Japan.
Somei-yoshino, which stay closer to people’s feelings, seem suspicious. What is their next aim? I took a journey for visiting a mother tree of Somei-yoshino to find the answer. I avoided the flower season this time. Because I don’t want to be taken in by that mysterious figure. By taking photographs of cherry trees without blossoms and leaves in winter, I thought I could show viewers the real cherry trees with great verve in severe winter. Also, I want to illuminate their ambitious venture that is across the centuries.





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