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Snake and Centipede 


One day, I visited a legendary forest. According to the legend, two giant mountains had been fighting a territorial dispute over a lake with an abundance of water. One of the mountains transformed into a giant snake and the other one changed into a huge centipede and fought fiercely.

Once I stepped into the forest, there I felt the ambience of the battlefield. The sounds of the wind cutting through branches were the hisses of the giant snake. The centipede wormed roughly around wild grass. There were sparks of the battle in the air. The river turned red with flowing blood of combatants.

The inspiration that I got from there was the story of brave warriors. Transforming into a snake or a centipede was a self-sacrificing spirit, showing his will to get a great power for protecting loved ones. For that, they don’t care for being beasts. Japanese myth is a story that people had transformed their thoughts for lives and put them into the landscape. Those legends are the things that we want to leave to the next generations. The story from the ancient times has awakened again in my consciousness transcending centuries.





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