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Virtual Museum  (2024- On Going Project)

One day, I was sitting alone on a bench in a park. There was no one around. As dusk approached, my surroundings turned into another world as it grew darker. At that moment, Marcel Duchamp's work, "The Fountain" appeared in my mind. The object of this artwork is separated from ordinary life and creates a new interpretation and meaning by being displayed in a museum. In a dark room, which is a dimly lit exhibition space, Duchamp's Fountain has a majestic and dignified appearance. If I took pictures of playground equipment illuminated by light in an empty park at night, new art could be created retroactively, and I began to try my experiments. I thought I was right. The object illuminated like an artwork in an unfamiliar space was definitely “art”. I now realize that “new perspectives are always lurking in everyday life”. 




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